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Information for students, teachers, librarians, and the serious reader. Wilfred   Owen,   who   died   at   the   age   of   twenty-five   a   few   days   before   the   end   of   the First   World   War,   is   widely   recognised   as   the   greatest   of   writers   of   war   poetry   in   the English   language.   In   all   he   wrote   only   about   thirty   poems   and   fragments   on   the subject of war and his reputation rests on less than a dozen of these poems. Books containing poems by Wilfred Owen War   Poems   of   Wilfred   Owen   Edited   by   Jon   Stallworthy.    Paperback.   Contains   the texts    of    all    the    finished    significant    poems    of    Owen’s    war    experience    and    twelve important   unfinished   pieces.   Each   poem   is   accompanied   by   detailed   notes   describing the   poem's   origin,   references,   influences   and   special   vocabulary.   The   best   collection   of Wilfred Owen’s poems. The   Poems   of   Wilfred   Owen    (Wordsworth   Poetry   Library).    Contains   some   59   poems and   fragments   by   Wilfred   Owen   including   all   his   most   important   war   poems.   Texts   are based   on   the   1931   Edmund   Blunden   edition   of   Owen's   poetry.   Paperback.   Not   great quality paper, but good value if money is short. Wilfred Owen’s poems in Anthologies Minds at War, The Poetry and Experience of the First World War contains 27 of Owen’s war poems (all his most significant war poems), a short biography, and an extended piece on Owen’s psychological/spiritual journey. Out in the Dark, Poetry of the First World War in Context and with Basic Notes contains 19 of Owen’s poems, with explanatory notes on difficult concepts. Ideal for students and the general reader who is looking for a sound introduction to war poetry but is not looking for the greatest depth. The Winter of the World anthology edited by Dominic Hibberd contains 14 poems by Wilfred Owen. A sound anthology of First World War poetry. The Penguin book of First World War Poetry edited by George Walter. An excellent anthology but Wilfred Owen’s poems are scattered throughout the book with no list of the Wilfred Owen poems to be found in the book. Andrew Motion’s First World War Poems contains 13 poems by Wilfred Owen. More about anthologies of poetry of the First World War Wilfred Owen’s Letters Wilfred Owen, Selected Letters, Oxford Paperbacks. Edited by Jon Bell. Valuable reading to help understand Owen's life and poetry. This is a selection of Owen's letters from 1902 to1918  - 326 of the original 673 letters, but containing almost all of Owen's letters from the war years. This is becoming a rare book. Currently (March 2016) only available second hand at a reasonable price (through Amazon link but maybe elsewhere if you are exceptionally lucky). The book has not been re-published in many years. The few remaining new copies in bookshops can be bought through Amazon for prices ranging from £70 to nearly £300. The Two Biographies of Wilfred Owen Wilfred Owen: A Biography, by Jon Stallworthy. Oxford Paperbacks (1974). Professor Stallworthy's groundbreaking study of the life of Wilfred Owen. 330 pages. First published in 1974. Wilfred Owen: A New Biography by Dominic Hibberd. Hardcover (2002). Builds on Jon Stallworthy's earlier work. This is a tremendous work of research, insight, and comprehensive understanding by a man who was, until his death in 2012 the leading authority on Wilfred Owen. This is the one to get. Wilfred Owen  -  Books for Students Wilfred Owen, Selected Poems and Letters, (Oxford Student Texts) Edited by Helen Cross, Oxford University Press. This is a very useful and enriching book for advanced students. It contains thirty of Owen’s poems and six letters. There are background notes and explanations of terms for all the poems. There are also useful and thought- provoking discussions of themes, language and style, and the critical reception of Owen’s poems. For the teacher there are helpful suggestions for activities and discussion points. Out in the Dark, Poetry of the First World War in Context and with Basic Notes was specifically prepared for students. A book I edited. Minds at War, The Poetry and Experience of the First World War is widely used in universities. A book I edited. Wilfred Owen, critical studies Owen the Poet (Studies in Twentieth-Century Literature) by Dominic Hibberd. The late Dominic Hibberd was the leading authority on Wilfred Owen. His scholarship, insights, and readability have made an enormous contribution to the appreciation of Wilfred Owen, his poetry and life. This is his major study of Owen. May only be available second hand. Use any Amazon link to go to the Amazon website and search for the title. Amazon will give you details of the possible sources of this book. See, also, the note on Helen Cross’s book above in the “Books for students” section. York Notes. Poetry of the First World War by Hana Sambrook considers 16 British poets of the First World War, including Wilfred Owen and eleven of his poems. A useful and interesting book for students. 80 pages. York Notes Advanced. Poetry of the First World War by Tom Rank. This considers five of Owen’s poems in some depth, along with many more writers of the Poetry of the First World War and including a number of poets who have written about the war in more recent times. The book includes general advice on studying poetry, notes on the texts, critical approaches, perspectives and background. A very useful book for advanced students. 160 Pages. David Roberts   The War Poetry website popularity   The War Poetry website is number one in Google for war poetry. It has over a million page visits per year. If you have found the website of interest why not add a link from your website or Facebook page? The first pages of this website appeared online in 1999. This page was redesigned in March 2016 and the plan is to transform the whole website in this style over this year. David Roberts, Editor, The War Poetry website.   www.warpoetry.co.uk Copyright page This page of the War Poetry Website is copyright and may only be copied, in whole or in part, with permission. See Contact for details of how to contact the editor.  
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