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The War Poetry Website

The modern war poems on this war poetry website were written mainly in the first

fifteen years of the 21st century. A large proportion of them are by men and women

who have seen active service. All are by people who have been deeply concerned or

affected by war.

Some have been published in books  -  chiefly in Falklands War Poetry, Kosovo War Poetry, and some in Remembrance Poems and Readings. This page also has links to related videos of war poetry or showing footage of 21st century war events.

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War Poetry Today 2013 war poetry 2012 war poetry  2011 War Poems and poem videos 2010 War Poems  2009 War Poems 2008 War Poems 2007 War Poems 2007/8 Poems and reflections 2006 War Poems Earlier years may be found amongst the following list of conflict countries, including the Vietnam War and the Iraq War starting in 2003. Afghanistan War Poems Africa War Poems Arab Spring Asia (war poems from) Australia (war poems from) Democratic Republic of the Congo Falklands War Poetry Falklands War Poetry by Bernie Bruen Falklands War - Graham Cordwell Iraq War Videos Iraq 2003, War Poems, the start of the war - Iraq 2004 War Poems Iraq 2005 (early) and other war poems Iraq 2005 (later) and other war poems Iraq 2006 and later war poems have been added to other yearly collections listed above Israel - War Poems, Elisha Porat Israel - The persecution of the Jews, War Poems Israel/Palestine/Gaza violence, War and Peace Poems Japan (war poems from) Kosovo War, War Poems Malvinas War poetry - Spanish Middle East, War Poems Northern Ireland, War Poems Palestine, War Poems Remembrance Poems Sierra Leone War, War Poems Vietnam War, War Poems Second World War  poetry Individual contemporary war poets Poems by Curtis D Bennett (US) Michael Brett Bernie Bruen, Falklands Graham Cordwell, Falklands Felicity Currie Thomas Crofts Cheryl L Daytec (Philippines - Some Palestine poems) Maria Deyana  Maureen Jones (about First World War) Danny Martin   Elisha Porat (Israel)  Marguerite Rami Penny Rock (US) Ann-Marie Spittle  Mike Subritzky (NZ) To top of page   25 January Anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution of 2011. My video poem, written shortly after “the people’ victory”, suggested that to celebrate before the new leaders had taken over might be premature. The poem is followed by BBC coverage of the euphoria in Egypt which greeted the overthrow of President Mubarak. See other responses too by clicking here. - David Roberts, Editor. Arab Spring video poems Issues of war and peace Books Link to Books of war poetry and for writers of war poetry. Books about recent wars and the politics of war and peace. Information and BUY NOW links to best prices. Video Pages Videos about the Iraq War 2003 - the bombing Background to the Iraq War - Videos Israel/Palestine - Videos Videos of Poems added 2011 Poetry videos can be found on the Northern Ireland page, the Palestine page, 2011 page and the 2012 page. Suheir Hammad - See her video speaking her poem, What I will. (An expression of a determination to dissociate herself from what the 9/11 criminals did and everything they stood for. A modern statement of pacifism.) What I will. (Suheir Hammad’s expression of a determination to dissociate herself from what the 9/11 criminals did in destroying the twin towers in New York and everything they stood for. A modern statement of pacifism.) Quotations about war, peace, and poetry For example: "It is possible, we now know, for a society to be heir to the knowledge of all the ages, and to use it with the recklessness of a madman and the ferocity of a savage.  .  .   It may master the means to harness nature to its chariot and then employ them to drive with greater speed to the precipice.  .  . "  R H Tawney  To top of page The War Poetry website popularity   The War Poetry website is number one in Google for war poetry. It has over a million page visits per year. If you have found the website of interest why not add a link from your website or Facebook page? The first pages of this website appeared online in 1999. This page was redesigned in March 2016 and the plan is to transform the whole website in this style over this year. David Roberts, Editor, The War Poetry website.   www.warpoetry.co.uk Copying this page This home page of the War Poetry Website may be freely copied for any reasonable, fair and honest purpose.  

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