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The Reprisal

Devil in the Clock

You are Death

Ghost Dance

World's End

        Dishonorable Murder

        Conspiracy of Silence - Part IV


The Reprisal

The slain arise from the dust

        Hands awash in history's blood

        Uncleansed from sorrow

        In time's forgotten graves

        Hear the call bringing darkness

        The horrors of betrayal

        The past shall revisit us

        No escape


        © 2004, Alexis Child

Devil in the Clock

From cradle to tomb

Through life's dirt we whore

Estranged to a higher purpose

Servants of Lucifer


Our puny souls he rocks

To sleep at night

His devils cannot

Resist the ride


Eternity in hell's

Prison house

No time lost to

The Devil in the clock


© 2004, Alexis Child


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You are Death

You stalk stealthily through darkened

corridors of desolate minds,

You reek of the excrement of time



Your lust for hatred and decay,

Fueled the killing machine,

Your flag was stained by blood of the

brave throughout the scourge of history,


You fucked the green monkey,

Plague is your perfume,

You are the bottle of alcoholics,

The final high of a new age,


You are the shooting gallery of all cities,


Waiting to explode.

 The holes of the earth, the holocaust,

The dark cloud, the black cloak,

The tombstones, the mortuaries,


We are nails in the coffin lid,

You are the hammer waiting to fall,

There are no in-betweens:

You are the true superpower,

© 2002, Alexis Child


Ghost Dance

Sonic jet age booming forward
But to where? What towards?
Voices invade my sanctuary
A conspirator's wicked laugh

imbues the noise of industry
Exploitation of needs
The bloodred sun assaults my eyes
Apocryphal sights I can see

from my room as curtains rise
Upon the foolish spectre
This misery
Moneymakers prize

The stone angel forsakes his tool
becoming the bloodletter
A cold convenience
Captivity rules

Dogs bark, engines drone
Architects rape the land
People move faster
Robot bodies, servile minds

determine their existence by machine
A mission is mistaken
Purposes are bastardized
Hark! The fall of humanity

Will my strength return
in this slow suicide?
In this combat with death
what is my prize?

Ghosts dance in detonation zone
cheek to cheek with paper dolls
Ancient native spirits moan
Life is locked inside a wall of sound

The maker laments the torpor
thick and trapping tall
Wanderers of the wasteland seek
soul asylum

But where is home?

© Copyright Alexis Child,
Toronto, 1998


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World's End

I wait for the day to end
Only it sticks like a thick residue to my skin
But when finally peeled off it will be night

My eyes will open and a flight of birds
Will begin their slow ascent
The hairs on my neck will stiffen

On wings of black we will ride undaunted
Through the grey sleet of mourning
In a dream I saw that humanity is about to die:

We will all arrive the colour of jet
Today's children carrying the generations
Wasted and dried to an enigmatic dust

Tar covers lost and forgotten faces
In a procession of libations
To the ebbing of a fading lifeforce

Why do we wait so long before saying goodbye?
Fate's eternal time-bomb ticking
As we cling to a mystical faded memory

I have never belonged to the light of this day
It only a methodical wandering through surface dust
Anxiety exploding in the cellar of my heart

There are no spaces still untouched
No undiscovered sanctuary in some small place
Yet on tonight's dark wings I will find my peace

But until then, come lie with me
In this familiar dark place and we will wait together
Until this last day has undone itself

© Copyright Alexis Child,
Toronto, 1997

Dishonorable Murder


Leaving home she will visit

Her husband or the grave

Marry or be buried

The clan's honour is at stake


A woman disgraced

Killed at the prison gates

Her rotten body cut off

Blood washing away shame


Hands raised in prayer

Inside the Mosque

Murder is murder

In the eyes of God


© 2003, Alexis Child

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Conspiracy of Silence - Part IV


The sky of survival

Shaped of shadows

A perplexing vision

Strangely considerate

Pulls the trigger

On the skull of dreams


The troops are coming

Leaving behind cemeteries

Thousands are killed in a day

For taking what isn't theirs

Only death surrenders to peace

Waking up the day from dreaming

copyright 2004, Alexis Child

+Alexis Child+

About Alexis Child

Alexis Child hails from Toronto, Canada; horror in its purest form. She

works at a Call Crisis Centre befriending demons of the mind that roam

freely amongst her writings.


She lives with a Shaman and Calico-cat child sleuthing all that goes bump in the night.


Her fiction has been featured in The House of Pain, Lost Souls, Screams of Terror, and Top International Horror 2004 published by Rainfall Books/BJM Press. Horror fiction is forthcoming in Scream-4-Me Fanzine. Her poetry will appear/has appeared online and in print in such publications as Blood Cookies, Decompositions,  The Dream People, Gothic Fairy Tales, The Harrow, Horror Carousel, Lunatic Chameleon, Midnight Lullabies Anthology, Ragged Edge Publishing, Realm of Darkness, Simulacrum, Skin and Bones, Tales of the Talisman, Unspoken Dreams, Whispers of Wickedness, and elsewhere.

Visit her website at: http://www.angelfire.com/poetry/alexischild/

 See also "Poems added July 05" on the home page of warpoetry.co.uk 


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