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Poems by
aria Deyana 

The writer, Maria Deyana was born 1967 in Croatia and now lives and works in Britain. She was a newspaper journalist and radio and TV reporter and has worked in education. Four of her poetic collections have been published:

  • - Girl's Treasury - Sorrow - 1994

  • - Good Water - 1995

  • - The Wounds – 2005

  • - Poetic of Spirit or People and Shadows – 2007.

More information about Maria Deyana at the end of this page.


Don't touch my homeland, the lake of my tears

not graves, not doorstep you spit on,

the clay is full of dead bodies.

Don't dishonour my ancestral land

like vultures you grab someone's eyes,

you too were fed from these breasts.


Don't toss your arrows,

don't darken my father's names,

don't break the white dove's wing,

peonies grew from her wounds.

To stop what was meant to be,

how many of your rules it takes

oh you, far-away justice of God's court?


The old monarch beats stronger in the church's bell,

with a sickle he mows the poisoned seeds which grow,

here he talks and cries in the darkness.

The exhausted land shivers in agony,

won't let the bitter absinth to grow

it curses and sprouts and is ashamed of you.


Don't touch my homeland, my chancels

don't point your fingers in God's altar.

Like the stars lifted up from ashes

our burned out eyes will light the skies again,

here's where children pray are Christened

moan and pray Our Father


For ages my prophets expand the incense here

for stabbed cord and saint bones,

and my land, now you're a deep crypt.

They don't know what they're doing, You forgive them

warmth and tear from my eye.


Don't touch my homeland!

Copyright Maria Deyana © 2007



Everywhere around me war, death and blood

This morning in Lebanon …

I'm not crying with only one tear,

or hurt with only one wound,

I cry with tears of all mothers on this miserable world,

for everyone in the world I pray today

Where are you sailing, Imperial's galleons? Where?

Stop! Around me cells and slaves.

In whose glory are javelins upraised? And everywhere

war and blood, dead children and graves

The moon mows with his sharp sickle. In the dark

there are rots and mould. Trembled night moans.

The whole world is just a deep wound. And in silence

there waits and yawns an empty hole

And everything is dying. Pregnant land wantons.

And saint, broken arms of Allah

on people's last caterwaul

effuse the heaven's dust

Lost mornings read Sabbath.

In Golgotha people kneels down in front of Christ,

yesterday and today and new day tomorrow died,

doesn't the same tear hurt us?

Everywhere around me cells and slaves.

Stop Imperial's galleons! The last thorn is playing.

Everywhere around me dead children and graves,

while I moan: Peace, peace, peace...


Copyright Maria Deyana © 2007


More about Maria Deyana

Maria Deyana's poems have been translated into English, French, Spanish and

Turkish and have appeared in few anthologies of Serbian, Croatian,

American and English modern literature: " "Kako pesmom da menjam

svet ," Zbornik clanova ," " Moonlit Thoughts," "Songs Of Honour ," "

Seasons of Change ," " Splash Of Verse"" and have appeared in online


Her literary work are continuously published in many worldwide

electronic media, newspapers, journals and magazines and she

writes for many literary magazines.

She is a member of the many writers' societies and Society for Peace:

- Society of Yugoslavian Writers, Belgrade ( Serbia)

- World Poets Society (W. P.S. Greece)

- Poetas del Mundo ( Chile)

- AuthorsDen ( USA)

- Udruga,Pelud.Net ( Croatia)

- International Society of Poets ( USA)

- Society of Poems Online ( UK)

- Bilingual MCA Poems and Writers for Peace ( Argentina)

- World Peace Society of Australia ( Australia)

- PoemsHunter (France)

- World of Poets ( USA)

- Interpoetry ( UK)

- EditRed. Writing Community ( UK)

- Beloji ( India)

- European Writers ( UK)

- Taj Mahal Review, International Journal Devoted To Arts, Literature,

- Poetry And Culture( India)

- Poezijascg ( Serbia and Montenegro )


Awards and Honors:  

- Nominee Poet Of The Year" by the "Noble House Publishers"-2005

( UK)

- Nominee "Universal Ambassador for Peace ( Geneva, Swiss-2006)"

- Nominee Poem Of The Month", (Poezijascg, Serbia-January 2006)

- Award "Poem Of The Month" (Udruga, Pelud.Net, Croatia-August


- Nominee "Poet Of The Year 2006 by the "International Society Of

Poets " ( USA)

- Nominee "Poetry Ambassador", USA National Poetry Month, The

International Library of Poetry-2007


In the book "Imagination of Gray Existence ", journalist, artist and

photographer Kadir Aktay described the life of Maria Deyana. A DVD

has also been made for this project. It was accompanied by an exhibition with

more than 30 photographs in the gallery "Julia Margaret Cameron Trust,

Dimbola Lodge Museum , England ".