Poems from Kosovo War Poetry,by David Roberts, with background to the war in Kosovo and the rest of Serbia and Montenegro (part of former Yugoslavia)

Plus poems by other poets.

An Englishman, whose earliest memories are of German bombers overhead, considers the bombing of Yugoslavia to be a crime against humanity. Having discussed the morality of bombing with a British bomber pilot he describes a bombing mission from a pilot’s point of view. (This poem, Pilot's Testament, is now widely studied in British schools.) He listens to the anguish of participants on the ground and tells the stories from both sides. He comments on the media presentation of contemporary warfare and has things to say about issues of terrorism, war, and peace

An introductory essay which now seems unfair to the Serb position, explores the causes, development and consequences of the violence in Serbia and Kosovo.

Kosovo War Poetry,

by David Roberts

 Published by Saxon Books  

ISBN 0 9528969 2 3

60 pages    178x112 mm     Colour Cover      £4-99 (UK)       Approx $8 (US)



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A selection of poems from the book

The Pilot's Testament

War Spectacular

Tempting War

The Return


The Accountants of Kosovo

There Will Be No Peace

A Just War

All Wars

Making or Breaking

There are twenty one more poems in Kosovo War Poetry including the longest, Prelude to War


The following are not in the book.

A Poem by Mile Ristovic, a Serbian Poet

Poetry by Alexis Child  - Canadian war poet

Poetry, and War and Peace Studies  -  links to related useful organisations


Excerpts from Kosovo War Poetry

"Personal Note (Basic beliefs and attitudes to the situation in Yugoslavia)

Also from the book (part of the introduction) - “Euro-Tragedy 1999-2000” 

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The vital importance of war and peace issues

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The avoidance of war, the promotion of peace, the resolution of conflicts by non-violent means, the fostering of non-violent societies, should be matters of major and urgent concern to all political leaders, religious leaders, and all people of goodwill throughout the world."

David Roberts, 2000

See The Vital Importance of War and Peace Issues