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The War Poetry Website

Key war poets including Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon,
famous war poems (with notes), war poetry anthologies, and maps

War Poetry Books
Minds at War
Out in the Dark

We Are the Dead
French Poems of the First World War
Also see our Books page for many more anthologies and collections of poems by individual poets.

About War Poets
Rupert Brooke
Wilfred Owen
Edward Thomas
Brief Lives of 25 War Poets
What the War Poets Knew

German Jewish poets of the First World War

(Above include some portraits) 

War Poems (some with notes)
Dulce et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen
Anthem for Doomed Youth by Wilfred Owen
Here Dead We Lie by A E Housman
Peace by Rupert Brooke
This is no case of . . . by Edward Thomas

German Jewish war poems
Pre-First World War poems that encouraged young men to fight: with an introduction to these poems.

NEW  -  Some key concepts in understanding the First World War


History of the First World War in brief. Part One  "Persuading the Brits to fight".


War Memorial

First World War war memorials in the north of the UK -  photographs

German Jewish Poetry of the First World War translated into English. Most of these poems have never been published in English till now and most are unknown in Germany.

(The First World War poems here include some portraits of the poets) 

Recent Poems about the First World War

Americans in the First World War

Australians  YouTube video/song about the disastrous attack on Gallipoli (Turkey) 1915-1916.

First World War
Introducing the First World War

Maps of the First World War

Map of war cemeteries in part of the Western Front
Map of the Western Front

Useful organisations and LINKS

War Poetry Books
Minds at War More . . .
Out in the Dark
More . . .

French Poems of the Great War translated by Ian Higgins
Cockerels and Vultures - French Poetry by Paul Granier (1888-1917) translated by Ian Higgins. More . . .

The last surviving British soldier of the First World War - Harry Patch

Minds at War cover picture

Minds at War - The Poetry and Experience of the First World War

This comprehensive volume of First World War poetry is based around the poets recognised as the greatest war poets of the twentieth century.  In addition to the large collection of poems it contains extracts from poets' letters and diaries, short biographies, and historical background including statements by politicians, experts of the day and the press. With historic photographs and cartoons.
A splendid collection of poems, informative, enlightening - a book for everyone interested in the First World War, its poetry and poets. A book for every library. 
400 pages.  15-99 UK.

Out in the Dark
Poetry of the First World War
in context and with basic notes

Out in the Dark the best anthology of First World War poetry for students. A substantial collection of the great and significant poems of the war. Excellent for AQA A level. It contains historical and social background information and explanatory notes on the unusual vocabulary of the war. With contemporary photographs and drawings.  

out in dark cover

Both books include many of the most admired war poems in the English language, verse written as propaganda, information about the poets (including Wilfred Owen, Siegfried Sassoon, Rupert Brooke, Edward Thomas, Thomas Hardy, and many others), their thoughts and experiences, as well as the history of the First World War. Some of the poems we include are seen in print for the first time since the war.

Minds at War has greater depth of insight into the psychological landscape with which the poets tried to come to terms, more historical information and more poems and poets than Out in the Dark.

More details and reviews:
Minds at War,    Out in the Dark.

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